The Recordsdata of Sound and Quantity: Phonetic Chaldean Numerology – Reclaiming an Frail Oracle

This is by no means your conventional, light e book about numerology, an used machine that addresses the questions: Who am I, Why am I here, What is my mission in existence. The author, Leeya Brooke Thompson, used to be assisted in her overview by Dr. Loren Fisher, a student and typical professor of used […]

This is by no means your conventional, light e book about numerology, an used machine that addresses the questions: Who am I, Why am I here, What is my mission in existence. The author, Leeya Brooke Thompson, used to be assisted in her overview by Dr. Loren Fisher, a student and typical professor of used Semitic languages, to fastidiously compare the sounds of the letters to numbers in used alphabets to check phonetic sounds within the stylish English language. Their belief used to be that “… the Ancients had recordsdata about vibration which we’re within the approach to rediscovering.” The author mentioned, “I believed the Ancients knew something that now we have now now not but found-or we understand it in our scientific overview, nonetheless now now not within the utility of those overview of vibration to human consciousness and character which is desirous regarding the spiritual aspects of males and girls.” The author has some extent: the contemporary English alphabet wasn’t in expend when the normal machine of numerology (gematria) used to be created and in expend, so how might perhaps the simplistic Western assemble normally typical nowadays be thoroughly true?

The author, who has been alive to with numerology for spherical half of a century, begins by explaining that she did numerology readings for a selected client over a twenty-five-yr length, the first time the expend of the Western (Pythagorean) machine then the Chaldean machine, and in a roundabout diagram the expend of her “new” phonetic machine described on this e book. She says this about her client’s abilities with the phonetic machine: “This time she began to inform, then inform, for the number patterns absolutely described the core of be troubled she had been feeling all of her adult existence.” That is a highly efficient abilities and consequence, to thunder the least.

There is a immediate introduction giving concise recordsdata about Pythagoras and his involvement with numerology, as wisely as extra regarding the make of vibration because it pertains to Cymatics (vibration creating assemble in topic) and Emoto’s work on how sound influences water crystals (e.g., damaging words create monstrous crystal formations, whereas optimistic or loving words create elegant crystal formations). “The name is our ‘machine box’ at beginning, indicating the strengths, aptitudes and predisposition we introduced with us into this lifetime. The beginning date, on the a couple of hand, indicates what now we have reach to grasp and to finish. The interaction of these two forces-who we’re and who we’re being challenged to was-lead to what our existence appears to be like to be bask in and whether or now now not we’re working harmoniously with our existence or rejecting the alternatives that stretch our skill… Numerology is a plan of consciousness.”

The main segment is a immediate and attention-grabbing explanation regarding the historic past of numerology and its expend and that it is likely you’ll perhaps perhaps imagine impact in our day to day lives and choices, whether or now now not for particular person expend or for folks that bask in to provide charts for others. What follows this is an opinion of the number patterns (including grasp and karmic numbers), how to set up your chart, the positions to your name, the positions to your beginning date, the shadow and projection, your future and hump thru time, how to combine your chart, companions and mates, deciding to alternate your name or any changes to your name due to the existence experiences (misspelled names on beginning certificates or immigration forms or marriage), plus extra recordsdata regarding the phonetics and roots of numerology. Thompson’s remarks regarding the Fashioned years are impressive in their revelations and scope.

Can have to it is likely you will need beforehand typical the Western machine of assigning numbers one thru 9 to the English alphabet or are irregular with phonetics, it is likely you’ll perhaps perhaps salvage this method a challenge to acquire typical to. Happily, the writer provides a sample chart, with extra recordsdata within the appendices, and demonstrates how to provide all the pieces thru the expend of an instance name and beginning date then affords descriptions of what the numbers mean so it is likely you’ll perhaps perhaps establish your patterns. On memoir of the kind of e book it is, there are segments it is likely you’ll learn and some it is likely you’ll perhaps perhaps now now not feel you opt to learn, nonetheless it is likely you’ll acquire extra out of it whenever you happen to learn the total e book sooner than you create your chart, so you become familiar with the phonetic numerology task, including what to provide about letters which might be mute.

Know that this is now now not the frequent light or extra esoteric approach to more than a few numerology books it is likely you will need learn. This one contains some historic past, on the opposite hand it geared in direction of marvelous utility for an particular person’s existence abilities and guidance. I have to be candid and relate that the writer at the foundation asked me to make contributions one of the most important hiss regarding the numbers, which I did, nonetheless the overview that ended in this revised machine and the hiss are 98% hers. I did now not scrutinize what she’d done with the field cloth till the e book used to be printed-nonetheless this would now not alter the truth that she did a marvelous wanting job with the topic and what supports it. No longer having learn it because it used to be printed in 2006 has led me to revisit what Leeya in fact done thru her dedication to accuracy for folks.