The Nigerian President Needs Our Help

There has been loads of talks about “commerce” for the reason that 2015 campaign began and it saved resonating after the election. President Muhammadu Buhari gained and plenty of alternative folks are joyful. I have faith about Nigeria will now not possess a precise commerce and it's electorate will now not expertise it except any […]

The Nigerian President Needs Our Help

There has been loads of talks about “commerce” for the reason that 2015 campaign began and it saved resonating after the election. President Muhammadu Buhari gained and plenty of alternative folks are joyful.

I have faith about Nigeria will now not possess a precise commerce and it's electorate will now not expertise it except any other folks are taught a lesson. A society the set up there isn’t any rule of law is doomed. Then what cease you yell about a society the set up the judges that are supposed to uphold the law are these that are now not handiest breaking it but are abating the actions of the criminals? It’s a long way handiest in Nigeria that a verdict is written that states the prison must now not be “harassed”. It’s a long way handiest in Nigeria that the judges postpone cases indefinitely till the scandalous politicians recede office. It’s a long way handiest in Nigeria that while votes are being counted a winner is acknowledged with image that reveals remaining results. That is devour announcing Thursday comes before Tuesday in a given week. It’s a long way a no brainer. It does now not jabber any logical sense. The judges don’t possess any ignominy at all. No discreetness.

It’s a long way handiest in Nigeria that a scandalous flesh presser from a explicit tribe or verbalize is charged to court docket for stealing from his / her other folks and the identical other folks can be these telling you “recede our son / daughter alone”. “Soft justice with mercy”. What the hell? !!!!! This bloody fool appropriate stole your livelihood: steer clear off you from having dazzling roads, hospitals, descent drinking water, food and turned you to subhuman species while his / her children are gallivanting at some stage in the realm with your money. He / she is charged to court docket then you start accusing the authorities of selective prosecution. It doesn't matter whether it is a long way your brother, your dad, your sister or cousin. The person has disadvantaged you of your classic rights of livelyhood. Nigeria sources belong to all and sundry so he isn’t in fact doing you any decide by stealing and depriving you of it. This is almost devour sufferer self-blaming. This is the set up the sufferer starts pondering it is a long way their fault and begin feeling sorry for the bully or the actual person that has been mistreating them. You query your self “what the bleep is irascible right here?” Nigerians possess been psychologically abused goodbye that we are feeling sorry for the abusers and bullies. What a disgrace.

This makes you marvel why the senate president planned that “coup”. I have faith about they knew there used to be going to be a precise commerce whereby the president used to be going to make a preference contemporary fearless judges and a location of courts that can be dealing exclusively with corruption. If there are pictures or evidences to command piles of cash in any individual's home and they’re going to now not legend for it, that must be a slam dunk case. The Complete world has considered on data superhighway numerous piles of cash at homes of scandalous politicians. This other folks are silent strolling spherical free. They are invited by EFCC just a few instances and on the tip of the day nothing comes out of it and all and sundry forgets the case. Assemble are trying and be a rocket scientist to figure what’s going on? The judges are the anguish. !!! Be aware when the strange governor of delta verbalize used to be accused in a Nigerian court docket when the divulge acknowledged that he had convicted him years attend? All of a surprising the identical divulge had selective amnesia on the next court docket session !!! Shegéé! What a shaggy dog account?

The next thing they’re searching to cease now would possibly perchance well presumably perchance be let the senate president get away alongside with his dribbling. Bringing 40-50 senators to the court docket session is nothing but a sport. Of us must snatch that by now. That's what they all cease. The laughable thing about that is other folks are searching to reward these actions while they’re making a fool of all and sundry.

This is the set up we’d like to attend the president. Gorgeous pondering and conscientious other folks must scramble to the court docket home and possess gentle demonstration by incompatibility other folks. If there are 50 of the senators, let there be 2000 other folks to counter them. If the total senate goes with him for the length of the next listening to, let there be 4000 plus other folks to counter. This is the handiest plan we can attend the president wrestle this gang of thieves. They don't care relating to the opposite folks. You marvel the trend you would possibly perchance well presumably perchance even possess all these evidences against them with billions stolen however the dull judges can be inserting other folks who stole items of fish in prison. Nigerians must stand up. The youths must stand up from their slumber. Your total fathers of the independence had been in their leisurely 20's and early 30's. Chief Awolowo, Sadauna of sokoto, Azikiwe ,, obasanjo, gowon and the leisure of them had been in their 30's making choices that affected the nation. Wake up youths, stand up. At any time when these rogues scramble to public areas other folks must let them know Nigerians are now not fritters.

You doubtlessly can also very correctly be searching to attend the president? Then jabber it by letting the enemies of development know that it is a long way a brand contemporary break of day. Let the corrupt justices that are continuously abating with the scandalous politicians know that we strengthen the president in combating this threat called corruption. We can be capable to cease the leisure to envision corruption in the coffin. Let the drivers, the cooks and maids of these scandalous aspects know that ample is ample. Even the safety slight print must start asking themselves in the event that they’re the set up they’re searching to be or is the country the set up it is a long way meant to be. It does not matter what sum of cash they pay you, their scandalous action is depriving the country from progressing. These politicians are cowards. By the level you continue to jabber devour what took set up of residing in ilorin, they’ll shuffle away. It’s a long way them against the electorate that voted for president Buhari. Can Nigerians cease it? Can the youths query for their rights? They can also cease it for just a few days and scramble attend to their shells, leaving issues as set up of residing quo. They put out of your mind that commerce and freedom are now not straightforward to manufacture and not utilizing a protracted fight. The college students in South Africa now not too long prior to now demanded except the president listened to them and met their requires. This is what happens wherever on the planet the set up the opposite folks desire precise commerce. We know who the enemies are and what they cease. So attend the president by stressful justice for him. He can now not cease it by himself.

As for strange petroleum minister, she wants to scramble to oshika, okogbe, Akala-Olu in ahaoda west native authorities home of ​​Rivers Advise. This home plus all others in the Niger delta are destroyed attributable to scandalous actions of oldsters who enable environmental polluters from being held accountable for their actions. She claims to possess breast cancer. What does she desire other folks who possess neurofibromas, stable cutaneous tumors, other folks with topical ulcer, children with single brains (holoprosancephally), children with abnormally gargantuan distance between the eyes (hypertalorism) cease? They don't stay long. Niger delta home the set up the fish smells of kerosine and the Eba turns murky. What does she desire these other folks to dispute? Who is going to pray for them? She has a brand contemporary minister making an strive to hotfoot the difficulty and invent her gaze dazzling. Did he divulge Nigerians are dull? The president must beware of that minister due to we don't divulge he would possibly perchance well presumably perchance even be trusted. The positions she held weren’t the difficulty. What she did now not cease with her set up of residing used to be the anguish and the plan she now not handiest wasted money while her other folks are dying but embezzled money and disadvantaged them of dazzling existence. Modified into she praying for this other folks? She will be able to be able to scramble to hunt recommendation from the actual physicians any the set up on the planet with Nigerian money. Nevertheless who’s going to keep up the illnesses of this other folks in the Niger delta that are dying devour chickens? For the next 50 years the cancer price will continue to lengthen.

She forgot her dangle other folks. Now she needs other folks to pray for her.She is lucky to possess appropriate breast cancer and technique to address herself. Nevertheless there are other folks who stay with worse and more aggressive kinds of cancer that resulted from her scandalous actions and inactions relating to the rude oil air pollution. This other folks can now not gather the money for to employ, now to not focus on about treating their cancer. Quite loads of oldsters divulge she can possess cervical cancer for all they care. The actual person that wants attend and prayer dazzling now would possibly perchance well presumably perchance be the president and the opposite folks can cease it by taking the country attend. Assemble we’d like to resurrect Tunde Idiagbon to come attend address these scandalous politicians and all their cohorts?