The 39 Clues Book 3: The Sword Thief by Peter Lerangis Review

When The Sword Thief by Peter Lerangis became as soon as first released the entire are available 2009, I became as soon as astronomical angry. By that time I would be taught the first 2 novels in The 39 Clues sequence, the most modern one being One Unsuitable Show conceal by Gordon Korman, and the […]

When The Sword Thief by Peter Lerangis became as soon as first released the entire are available 2009, I became as soon as astronomical angry. By that time I would be taught the first 2 novels in The 39 Clues sequence, the most modern one being One Unsuitable Show conceal by Gordon Korman, and the sequence became as soon as keen along at an exhilarating hump. Immense storyline, unbelievable thriller, and prominent characters. What extra would possibly well possibly a young reader want?

The 39 Clues is a multi-author e book sequence written by extremely neatly-beloved, bestselling writers referring to orphans is named Amy and Dan Cahill. When their grandmother Grace dies, they be taught that they happen to be members of the strongest household in human historic past. The source of their households energy is hidden one day of the earth within the get of thirty-9 special clues. The particular person that finds the entire clues will become the strongest person within the historic past of mankind.

Dan and Amy Cahill, pointless to claim, are no doubt now not alone in making an attempt the prize. Their shifty, help-stabbing household will scheme anything likely in tell to be the first to salvage the clues.

Esteem any tales in The 39 Clues sequence, I accomplished finding out The Sword Thief the very day that it came out. Though this became as soon as a mesmerizing novel and moved the pronounce along, I capture now not being astronomical joyful with this addition.


On the cease of One Unsuitable Show conceal, Dan and Amy watch samurai swords by the dwelling of the clue. They build two and two collectively and head off for Japan. Fair before they are able to board a flight for Japan, on the opposite hand, their cousins, Ian and Natalie Kabra, trick them and leave them stranded within the airport.

After that, Alistair Oh affords to encourage Amy and Dan and get a partnership. All things sensible, Alistair has sources in Seoul, and he has intelligence and age. Amy and Dan scheme now not undoubtedly have confidence self belief in him, but they consent to hitch collectively for the 2d.

Amy, Dan, and Alastair determine that the clue is hidden someplace within the historic past of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a mountainous Eastern warrior and first son of Thomas Cahill, the founder of the Tomas division.

The Holt household, on the opposite hand, are also hot to salvage their fingers on the clue and organize to trap them accurate into a subway entice. It seems as if it be about to be curtains for Dan and Amy, nonetheless Alastair rescues them before they’re killed by a put collectively. We also salvage to circulation looking to salvage the relatable facet of the Holt teens as soon as they cringe at the likelihood of murdering Dan and Amy.

Sadly, the three of them by likelihood enter the gap residence of sword-wielding Yakuza, or Eastern warriors. Nellie, their au pair, is able to effect them, alongside Ian and Natalie Kabra. Amy, Dan, and Alastair conform to get an alliance with Ian and Natalie. The reason for that is in portion on anecdote of the truth that Amy has form of a crush on Ian, and Ian is appearing as if it be reciprocal.

The evidence parts to Korea, and the neighborhood of 6 toddle to Alastair’s home. We be taught extra touching on the Ekaterina division and about Bae Oh, Alastair’s uncle and chief of the Ekaterina division. After Alastair’s dad died, Alastair lived poor years below his uncle. On the airplane scramble to Korea, on the opposite hand, he learns for the first time that Bae Oh arranged for Alastair’s dad to be killed.

At Alastair’s home, he finds some of his be pleased recordsdata with the others. We be taught loads extra in regards to the clue hunt, particularly the truth that the 39 clues are in actuality thirty-9 chemical aspects that when mixed collectively will make a form of thinker’s stone. They commute to the mountain Pukhansan, and Dan programs the others referring to the dwelling of the clue.

The cease is an exhilarating and dreadful memoir, the place we be taught the accurate targets of Amy and Dan’s members of the family. Will Ian and Natalie snatch the clue, or will Amy and Dan outwit the Kabras as soon as all as soon as more? Extra if truth be told, will Alastair Oh dwell on?


As I talked about before, I survey at this as sensible one of many weakest books within the 39 clues sequence. Though Gordon Korman talked about how he passe The Maze of Bones as his bible in writing One Unsuitable Show conceal, Peter Lerangis clearly did not scheme the related. The e book consists in a very various style in comparability to the relaxation of the sequence. The various 39 clues books are authored in a thrilling, unattached, and sensible style. This e book is considerably extra laid-help, the tone is method extra informal, and it’s now not nearly as significant elephantine of action. Plus, it’s extra or less onerous to admire. On anecdote of that, the e book loses significant of its educational succor and I don’t capture any of the historic facts, somewhat various from the quite quite loads of books.

Though some of my chums who were finding out the sequence at the time this e book came out informed me that they beloved the spoil from the action this e book supplied, every single sensible one of them quit finding out The 39 Clues after this e book. None of my chums who started out The 39 Clue sending up finding out the fourth addition. Moreover, books 1 and 2 were both #1 on the bestseller list for a very very long time. This novel became as soon as on the bestseller for a puny whereas, nonetheless never hit #1. No longer sensible one of many later books within the sequence did, either.

There are some appropriate components to the come Lerangis writes, on the opposite hand. He introduces the premise a capacity romantic relationship between Ian and Amy that continues within the sequence to this day with various boyfriends and hints of crushes. This became as soon as the discipline most assuredly talked about between clue hunters one day of the Cahills vs. Vespers storyline, and became as soon as in my search for a priceless addition to the sequence.

This e book has some appropriate recordsdata referring to the clue hunt that brings the legend along, so it be a need to for devoted clue hunters going help via the early books. On the entire, though, the writing on this legend is now not near as appropriate as within the relaxation of the sequence and by itself I would now not point out finding out it.